Javascript Physics for developers

Example 1

Change position

If you press the above buttons constanly the object seems to be moving in a constant rate.This constant rate of movement with time is called Speed. In the example above we increase position(increase distance from the begining of the tube) of the ball by 2px each time we press the button .So for example if we press the button one time each second the speed of the object will be 2px/sec (which is not the standard unit for speed).

Lets assume you could increase position in a constant way.

The first of the above buttons sets a constant Speed.In other words a constant change of position in dependance with time.

There are different kinds of speed each one giving us different information about the movement of the object.Those are:
The examples above help us grasp a general "feeling" about speed which is the rate at which an object covers distance .The average speed is the distance (a scalar quantity) per time ratio. Speed is ignorant of direction.
!Important information! Speed is not the same thing with velocity.